Akzona Loft
Breeding 40 Years Of Performance Racing Pigeons

My story starts out as a young boy and at that time I would walk to my grade school in Loveland Colorado. My route was going down our back alley from our home and on the way there was this one home on the alley the person living there had homers with a big fly pen at the edge of the alley. I would stop at just stare at those beautifull birds than one day it all changed for me. The person who lived there was in his coop one afternoon when I was walking home from school, so I stoped and asked him what kind of pigeons he had and told him I thought they where amazing creatures, he smiled and said they where homers and that they always come home to the coop when let out. Our conversation led to me asking if I could have a pair so I could raise some. The gentelmen said he would only if I got permision from my father and you would have to have a place to keep them, boy was I excited and said yes sir and thank you. It took me some time to get my father to accept me in getting some birds so he came up with a big old rabbit hutch with a small inclosed box on one end of the hutch. Before I could get them I went back to the person several time asking him all kinds of questions on how to care for them. He explained to me if the pair mated up and laid eggs I could open up the hutch and let them out and they would most likely stay but if they came back to his home he would bring them back to me so I could settle them. The pair mated and the hen laid her new eggs, wow was I ecited to have my own new pigeons hatch out. After about 5 days on the eggs I open up the hutch and the male jumped out and steched his wings and being the hutch was nexted to the house  so he flew up to the roof and looked around and took off and was gone. I ran over to the person home and sure enough he had gone back to his coop. After trying several times to settle them and the pair left the eggs I relized that I did know what I was doing so let them go back to the person that gave them to me. This is a short story of my very 1st love for these great birds that I fell in love with. After 40 years of carring and racing them I still amazed of these great birds of the air and there love to come hme from many  miles from home. I'm sure everyone has there own short story how they got there first start with these amazing birds of the air.